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July 24 is now considered “Seawolves Day Championship Celebration Day” in the city of Tukwila thanks to Tukwila Mayor Allan Ekberg and the rest of the city council.

Yesterday, July 24, the Seawolves gathered together at Odin’s Brewery in Tukwila with a bunch of their fans and city officials to celebrate their big win against the Glendale Raptors in the final game of the season that took place in San Diego on July 7.

There was food, beer and Seawolves all around for everyone to enjoy.

“We recognize that the Seattle Seawolves is a team that resides and plays in Tukwila, so we (the council) consider them our team,” Ekberg said. “Having the Seattle Seawolves in Tukwila is totally exciting it gives us a new jive to the city.”

On the proclamation document it states, “The Seawolves had a fantastic season, selling out all of the team’s home games, and bringing thousands of amazing and enthusiastic fans to the city of Tukwila.”

The Seawolves finished their season with an 8-2 record. The team received second place in the overall standings for the season, but won their first ever Major League Rugby Championship.


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