'I can give back to America': Alex Corbisiero


“I love watching rugby,” he says, “analyzing it, breaking it down. But it’s really that area where I fly in the elite-level expertise where I can especially give back to America. My goal long-term is that, to try and help spread my knowledge far and wide across this country, to really help us move forward in a rugby manner.”

Hence Team Corbs, and scrum clinics – preaching his own “eight-man system” – with the Houston Sabercats and the San Diego Legion, two of MLR’s original seven pro teams. Hence also a call the day after our interview in which he seeks to emphasize that growing rugby in America really is his mission.

“I have a hashtag,” he says, from the train back south, #noegosjustamigos, and that’s really just what it’s about. Rugby in the US can be segmented and divided like anywhere and we need to work together as much as possible, we need to share information if we’re going to build a game here: the Premiership, MLR, the colleges, USA Rugby. All of us.”


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Article: Martin Pengelly / The Guardian. Photo: by David Rogers/Getty Images